Hello! I am Sara Gilliam

Single Mom Adventurer

Hello everyone! I’m Sara Gilliam, lover of the great outdoors! By far, I am most passionate about hiking. So much so, that it has inspired me to write this blog. 

A few years ago, I was a newly divorced mom of two small children. I was out of shape, unhappy,and uninspired. That is when I rediscovered my love of the outdoors and hiking.This changed my life. I know, sounds dramatic doesn’t it? It’s true. I began hiking every chance I got. Over the next year I: lost almost 100 pounds, gained confidence, decreased stress and anxiety, and found a community of incredible people. 


My goal for this blog: 

• Inspire you to get outdoors to explore our local parks and trails. 

• Give you tips to help you feel safe and confident while exploring. 

• Provide reviews and tips on some of the area’s best trails.

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